What is UICC?

Cooperation between university and industry plays a crucial role for skill development, employment opportunities for graduate, innovation and technology transfer, and the promotion of entrepreneurship. The importance of cooperation between HEIs and their socio-economic environment is being addressed in Europe within the current ‘Europe 2020 Strategy’.

Due to the lack of university industry cooperation center at Royal University of Phnom Penh in the past, the university is hard to archive employment rate information after students graduate from the university, develop curriculum to fit the need of industry, and lack of innovation and technology transfer. Likewise, industries face difficulty to find the opportunity to cooperate with university because of lacking of focal point.

To address these problems, the boards and leaders of Royal University of Phnom Penh agrees to establish University-Industry Cooperation Center (UICC) under Erasmus+ HUB4GROWTH project.

UICC will play the important role for operating many possible activities related to entrepreneurship, incubation, job employability, job placement, business planning, marketing, student internship, Intellectual property management, employer network, alumni, etc.

UICC Objectives

  • Regarding to the above vision and mission, the following strategic Objectives within 9 strategic statements are indicated as follows:
    1. Promoting the University-Industry Cooperation Center (UICC) to be the only one hub for industrial collaboration.
    2. Promoting Entrepreneurship, Incubator and Innovation
    3. Promoting Job Employability
    4. Promoting Technology Transfer
    5. Promoting Alumni Network
    6. Promoting ICT and Soft skills
    7. Promoting Service Learning
    8. Promoting Mentoring Culture
    9. Promoting Intellectual Property (IP)